Cornish WebServicesThe Events module is really useful for organisations such as schools or museums or training providers who routinely have a set of events in the future to promote.

This module maintains the dates for you, and ensures the website never looks out of date with lists of old events being promoted.

The website shows a table of events. In this table each event is click-able to a new page with that event details. The homepage can include a summary of the next few events with direct links through to these. This module allows new events to be added with name, description, date and time. The events include Venue and Contact details. Existing events can be edited or deleted.

We can use this module to both show future exhibitions and events and to record as an archive past exhibitions and events. This is an excellent way of keeping a high amount of content on the website, but ensuring it is automatically moved from cluttering up the homepage.content management system

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Clients that use our CMS

Clients that use our CMS


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