Survey Builder

The form builder module allows a user with no technical knowledge to quickly build a form and safely manage the data collection.

Cornish WebServices

The unique selling points of the Cornish Form Builder are that the code it generates is:

  • Accessible
  • SEO friendly
  • Safe and not vulnerable to various hacking techniques
  • Easy to use

There are many form builders around which are quite easy to use, but the resulting form is neither accessible nor

In addition to generating the form, a database is created and this is populated with data whenever the form is filled in. In addition the form details can be emailed to one or more addresses.

The form builder module will handle all type of form field including:

  • Text fields
  • Radio buttons
  • Select boxes
  • Large text areas
  • Hidden fields

This gives you complete control over generating forms, secure on the knowledge that the Cornish CMS will take care of security and all aspects of the coding.



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Clients that use our CMS

Clients that use our CMS


"The Cornish CMS has allowed us to edit the content for our website by ourselves so we have complete control over what it is. We coudn't be happier with the result."

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