Removal of Word Formatting

Word is a nightmare!

But not with the Cornish CMS

If you try inserting copy from word documents using copy and paste then you copy one or two paragraphs of text along with half a mile of word formatting. This could produce very messy looking code, and some strange results.

But the Cornish CMS allows you to 'Paste from Word' and it auto-removes all the horrible Word formatting, producing neat code which behaves as you would expect. This is quick and easy to use.

The CMS also includes functionality to 'Paste as Text' which can take copy (and horrible formatting) from many sources, not just Word and add neatly to the web page.

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Clients that use our CMS

Clients that use our CMS


"The Cornish CMS has allowed us to edit the content for our website by ourselves so we have complete control over what it is. We coudn't be happier with the result."

David Jefferson,
Director JI Software

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