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This CMS loves search engines !

Cornish CMS is not only compatible with all search engines but it has been designed around their requirements from day one. We think that Cornish CMS is unique as we haven't seen another Content Management System that has this level of integration with search engine and marketing needs.

Free webhosting in your first year

All CMS customers receive free website hosting in their first year and no limits on your website disk space - forever. No need to cut down on pages or worry about how much you are putting on your website.

Handles 'rich media' including Flash

Do you want to make your site compelling and visually rich for your visitors?  In which case, you are probably wondering about uploading Flash, Video and other ‘rich media‘.  Well, you have no worries as Cornish CMS handles this right out of the box !

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Cornish CMS comes with full technical support, user guide, initial setup and marketing advice.

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Clients that use our CMS

Clients that use our CMS


"I have been very happy with the Cornish CMS and have used it for several websites. It's been really cost effective and easy to create our site. I've also enjoyed working with Cornish to get the design right from the start."

Les Ellis,
Bexley Council shop4care

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