Comparison with Other Content Management Systems

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The Cornish CMS costs less than most 'free' open source Content Management Systems

We are often asked about how the Cornish CMS compares to other CMS systems such as Wordpress or Joomla which are 'free'.

Easier to use

Clients who have switched from products such as Wordpress and Joomla have stated how much easier the CMS is to use. We partly designed the Cornish CMS out of frustrations at the awkwardness of editing real large websites in these other systems.

Lower Cost!

Yes! A paid for CMS is often lower cost than a free product. The CMS license fee includes some support. And it is lower than many Joomla support contracts. Very simple installations of Wordpress may be lower cost if ongoing marketing is excluded.

Better Support

When there is a problem or you need help, searching the forums or waiting for the open source community to develop an extension (which will probably require payment) is not helpful. This is when the ongoing support of a supported licensed product is invaluable.

In built SEO

Forget the SEO modules! Why use a product which is not SEO friendly and then add modules to make it better for search engine optimisation. Far better to start with a search engine optimised CMS.

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Clients that use our CMS

Clients that use our CMS


"I have been very happy with the Cornish CMS and have used it for several websites. It's been really cost effective and easy to create our site. I've also enjoyed working with Cornish to get the design right from the start."

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