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Cornish CMS is unique. It is the only Content Management System that has all of the following features:

  • SEO from the ground up
  • Easy to use
  • Time saving
  • Nothing to install
  • Safe and Secure
  • Even more benefits

SEO from the ground up

How do your customers find you online? You probably realise already that a critical factor in your business success is making sure that your website can be found and indexed by search engines. You want a great position on Google and you won't get that without Search Engine Optimisation.

But many companies either neglect this altogether or charge for it as an add on requiring time consuming and expensive changes to your website after you've already created it.

With Cornish CMS, the pages are not just 'search engine friendly' but fully optimised from the word go. We can do this because SEO is built right in to our system. No other CMS has this degree of optimisation built in. Imagine how powerful that is for your business.

Easy to use

Cornish CMS is extremely easy to use. It's just like typing into your favourite word processing programme. All the familiar controls and buttons are there, plus one or two extras to power your SEO optimised website. And if you are not sure at any point, our on screen help and downloadable Cornish CMS User Guide can provide explanations as you go.

Time saving

With Cornish CMS, you no longer have to wait for your website designer or  IT department to update your website. You can dive right in and add and change things  yourself.

You won't have to worry about how your changes affect how the search engines see your website because SEO is built into the system and all changes will feed right in to the SEO side immediately.

Nothing to install

Our content management system is completely hosted on our servers. This means that there is absolutely nothing to install on your computer. You never have to worry about updating software as the CMS works with any web browser like Internet Explorer and Firefox.

No need to worry if you change your PC or office systems – Cornish CMS will still be compatible with your new systems.

It also means that you can login and update your website when you are away from your desk. If you can access the web then you can update your website.

Safe and Secure

All CMS hosted websites are kept securely on our servers and backed up in multiple locations. Rest assured we have high levels of protection around your data. Your website will be hosted in the UK and is never located abroad (unless this would benefit your business, e.g. in the case of international sites).

Explore further benefits from Cornish CMS.

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Clients that use our CMS

Clients that use our CMS


"I have been very happy with the Cornish CMS and have used it for several websites. It's been really cost effective and easy to create our site. I've also enjoyed working with Cornish to get the design right from the start."

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Bexley Council shop4care

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